Blooming in the Community

Donna Waldal, a resident for over thirty years, has not just been a witness to the town’s evolution but an active participant in its transformation. We explore her journey as the owner of Save the Day Floral and as an important part of the community, playing a key role for celebrations and events through her floral design. In this interview, we explore her journey, her favorite memories, and her connection to the Arlington community.

Donna started working with flowers because of her daughter. She said, I started doing corsages and boutonnieres out of necessity… for my daughter… so I got inventive and decided to just make it myself and she loved it so much that her and all her friends wanted me to make hers the next year.” It was a business that was not expected. It evolved organically and made her take the steps to where she is today.

At Save the Day Floral, she truly does save the day with her beautiful pieces and floral design that is reliable for any upcoming event. When asked about her favorite tradition in Arlington. She of course mentioned her love for prom and homecoming season. Arlington has been a great source of connection through business and community, but it has not always been that way.

Donna has witnessed Arlington evolve over the years, and in her eyes, the town has grown more united. Reflecting on her early years in Arlington, she noted feeling not as welcome as she had hoped. “When I first came to town and opened a business… I felt very isolated and really alone and I didn’t feel like I was included much.” However, her perspective shifted when she joined the local Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Arlington Business Association (DABA). I just started putting myself out there more and pretty soon it just kind of grew… it became easier to be a business owner because we collaborate with each other. And you feel more supported and seen.” Through these connections, she saw more inclusion and collaboration in the community. Arlington continues to improve as a place where local businesses can thrive. Donna shared that, “I believe we’ve become more united and I believe that it’s a better time to be a small business owner.”

Donna’s journey into entrepreneurship began when she was looking for a storefront. She stumbled upon an affordable space downtown. Over time, her business grew, leading her to seek a larger location at 113 E 3rd St Suite 113.Arlington’s events are special for family and friends in the community. Some of Donna’s favorites are the parades, the charm walk, and the holiday season, particularly the “Hometown Halloween” event. The ability for local businesses and families to join together and celebrate this little town keeps the community alive. As the world continues to change, Donna shares that she is a firm believer in the power of an open and accepting community. If she could change one thing about Arlington, it would be to encourage open-mindedness and acceptance no matter our differences. 

While she has lived here in Arlington, she has discovered the many locations that provide quality cuisine. She recommends the taco salad from The Stilly Diner and The Bistro as an experience that is unlike anything else. Donna and her talents are cherished, and her contribution to downtown and families in the area are seen and continue to bloom in the community.