Stilly Valley Community Flag

Stilly Valley Community Flag


People of the River

The three mountain peaks represent the three towns of the Stilly Valley (Arlington, Oso, Darrington).

The green bands represent the importance of agriculture in the community and the significance of the two bands represent the original towns of Arlington (Haller City and Arlington).

The two light blue bands represent the two tribes (Stillaguamish and Sauk-Suiattle).

The dark blue band represents “people of the river” which is the translation of the word Stillaguamish, the Stillaguamish is also what connects all of the communities in the Stilly Valley.

The grey circle with the one peak represents the unity of our community.


The Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce set out to develop a flag that captures the essence, history, and aspirations of our vibrant community. The Stilly Valley has decades of rich history that has shaped the community that we are today.

On September 29th, 2023, the Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce unveiled the official community flag.

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The Stilly Valley Community Flag is a public domain image and may be used by anyone for any personal or commercial use.

Download the design files HERE.