Stilly Valley Community Flag

The Stilly Valley flag proudly represents the heritage, unity, and dynamic spirit of our communities. Unveiled on September 29th, 2023, by the Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce, this flag is designed to symbolize the rich history and the collaborative future of the people and the lands of the Stilly Valley.

Design Elements

The flag features distinct elements that each tell a part of our community’s story:

  • Three Mountain Peaks: At the center of the flag are three distinct mountain peaks, each representing key towns within the Stilly Valley: Arlington, Oso, and Darrington. These peaks symbolize the interconnectedness and the collective strength and resilience of our communities.

  • Green Bands: Two vibrant green bands traverse the flag, symbolizing the valley’s agricultural roots and economic backbone. These bands also reflect the historical towns of Arlington — originally known as Haller City and Arlington.

  • Light Blue Bands: The two light blue bands represent the Stillaguamish and Sauk-Suiattle tribes. These colors evoke the serene waters of our rivers, crucial to both the ecology and the culture of our valley.

  • Dark Blue Band: A darker blue band, denoting “people of the river,” a translation of ‘Stillaguamish,’ illustrates the river’s role in connecting the various communities within the valley.

  • Grey Circle with One Peak: At the center, a grey circle featuring a single peak symbolizes the unity of our community, emphasizing that together we form one strong, cohesive entity.

Since its unveiling, the Stilly Valley flag has been embraced by residents and local businesses alike, becoming a symbol of pride and togetherness in our area. It flies proudly at community events, schools, and public buildings, continually reminding us of our shared heritage and collective aspirations.

We invite all members of our community to display the Stilly Valley flag as a symbol of our unity and to embrace the values it represents. Together, we continue to forge a path of mutual respect, prosperity, and collaboration.

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The Stilly Valley Community Flag is a public domain image and may be used by anyone for any personal or commercial use.